Boilers produced by “Energomash (Belgorod) BZEM” LLC:

– Steam boilers series BEM with performance of 16; 25 and 35 t/h of steam from 13/225 to 40/440 C. A steam boiler BEM is water-tube, double-drum with natural circulation, gas-tight, with an increased furnace.The boiler has a number of design features, it is more compact outside and volumetric inside, with increased service life (up to 40 years) and efficiency (95%), reduced cost of its operation.

– Steam boilers E series with capacity from 25 to 160 t/h of steam with parameters from 13/225 to 90/560 C. A classic drum water-tube boiler with natural circulation.

– Exhaust boilers behind various technological plants: including behind gas turbines, plants applied in metallurgy, petrochemical industry.

– High-pressure pipes;

– Finned tubes;

– Bellows.


Exhaust boiler